Light a London Landmark Competition

We have recently entered a competition as part of the team with dear friend and colleague, lighting designer Alkestie Skarlatou. We teamed up under the evocative name: two small companies.

The Light a London Landmark competition offered lighting designers the opportunity to project onto the iconic National Theatre using Martin’s Exterior Projection 1000 with their own custom-designed gobo.

We feel our proposal was mindful of urban life in a big city, evoking passing of time and poetic, titled: Internal world.

internal world

a silhouette of a small park scene in a big city. two figures. a whole world inside each. an unlikely connection.
a big sky over the city. moving, passing by, flowing…. seamlessly changing, often unnoticed.
a big tree canopy offering its shade. offering a view inside.

For full submission, see here.