Hyperoptic Offices London

We are busy designing lighting for a new office space for a broadband company Hyperoptic, based in London.
In close collaboration with the team of architects from Studio Autori, we are developing a lighting scheme that would facilitate innovative, collaborative, efficient, and enjoyable working environment, fully in line with the Hyperoptic’s vision.

Dynamic layout with flexible working and meeting areas of various types addresses a variety of contemporary company specific needs. A number of amenity spaces embrace natural light and incorporate biophilic design principles to support user experience and staff wellbeing.

The overall feel is one of openness, lightness, spaciousness, connectedness, ease of communication, whilst allowing for individual adjustments and flexibility to suit operational processes – a design that will ultimately contribute to improving business performance by creating pleasant stimulating working environment.

We are looking forward to seeing it completed!

Images: Studio Autori, Belgrade, Serbia.