The Smallest Gallery in Soho presents ‘Staycation’

Staycation (noun, informal) – A holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

The Smallest Gallery in Soho is delighted to present artist Jordan McKenzie’s work ‘Staycation’. Exploring the ‘holiday at home’, which has become increasingly popular since the pandemic and the recent holiday ‘chaos’ of travelling abroad. To go on a staycation is to suspend your belief in order to experience the familiar as an adventurous surprise.

Placed upon warehouse shelving in front of an ‘exotic’ tropical landscape are discarded bottles of alcohol that have been collected by Jordan McKenzie from the streets, parks and alley-ways of the East London housing estate where the artist lives. Each of the bottles are filled with coloured sand, alluding to the British tradition of creating a souvenir by filling bottles with sand from a seaside resort that has been visited while holidaying. The coloured bottles also reference the surge in crafting that became increasingly popular during the pandemic.

Staycation invites you to ‘get away from it all’ in the heart of Soho, a popular tourist destination famed for its nightlife and culture, a space of celebration and drinking that became even more popular when its streets became outdoor bars between and after the lockdowns.

July – September 2022 at 62 Dean Street, London W1D 4QF.