The Smallest Gallery in Soho presents ‘Integration’

The Smallest Gallery in Soho and Cultural Style Week is delighted to present artist Sarah Frances Dias with her work ‘Integration’.
The work is an exploration of identity, using cultural references and the feminine to create a dialogue with the self and the viewer. The little girl, dressed in traditional/ regional clothes from Madeira, the artists hometown, represents the innocence and beauty of culturally specific references, whereas the grown mature woman represents the agglomeration of different cultures in one person, which results in a universal being (integration).

Sarah’s painting combines the accuracy, delicacy and beauty of Representational Traditional European Painters with the sharp eye, rigor and abstraction of the Contemporary world, particularly the precision of photography.
Dark background (of both the painting and the surrounding walls), vibrant colours, luscious fabric modelling, the luminosity emanating from the painting itself – all land themselves to lighting approach that creates drama and enhances three-dimensionality. The two figures brilliantly stand out from the immaterial backdrop and engage with the viewer.

Founded by Candy Ellie Graham, Cultural Style Week is a movement that encourages everyone to embrace their cultural heritage through fashion, hair and beauty. Through sharing and celebrating what makes us all unique, Cultural Style Week aims to encourage fresh dialogue around cultural acceptance and create opportunities for us all to better understand and celebrate each other.

21-27 May 2022 at 62 Dean Street, London W1D 4QF.