The Smallest Gallery in Soho presents ‘Capacity’

A new installation by London based artist James Tailor! Under unique circumstances the gallery, where art is only to be viewed from the street, is a cultural location that can be visited whilst social distancing.

A global commentary on Covid-19, the installation incorporates attributes of outbreak, anxiety, restriction of movement, and isolation, and highlights the strains and dangers faced by NHS and key-workers, emergency services, delivery and supermarket workers, businesses, the self-employed and the claustrophobia the general public feel being asked to stay at home.

In this instance, an inflatable of a Teddy Bear – often seen as a symbol of innocence and comfort – has been installed, against Pantone 300 background, the signature colour of the NHS, acting as a symbol of hope.

At full capacity the internally illuminated inflatable is twice the size of the interior, creating a visual illusion as the work expands to what seems like a bursting point and then deflates in equal intervals throughout the day. Lighting operation is synchronised with inflating/ deflating rhythm: automatically comes ON as the Teddy Bear inflates/ increases in size and OFF when deflating/ diminishing takes place. This acts as an oversized visual representation of the anxious breath and magnifies the restrictive nature of the space while keeping viewers engaged.

Up until August 2020 at 62 Dean Street, London W1D 4QF!