Manresa Road Residence, London

Completed! The project included complete change and upgrade of the entire lighting installation and a significant improvement of the existing lighting scheme, originally built about 15 years ago. In addition, a number of areas have been fully re-designed, including a change of layout, new finishes and bespoke built-in furniture.

The residence houses an impressive art collection, which has been illuminated by highly bespoke design solutions and using lighting products of the highest quality.

The level of detail and considerations related to lighting the art make this project equivalent to an art gallery, where the various art pieces can be fully appreciated in an informal setting, warm and welcoming.

The final stages of our lighting design, comprising of careful aiming and lighting control system setting-up, have now been completed. It has been especially rewarding to witness the clients’ appreciation of these final design stages, the significance of which is sometimes underestimated by prospective clients. The clients were fully involved in the process and were able to appreciate that the difference that a final setting-up makes, indeed makes all the difference for the project. Thank you.