The Smallest Gallery in Soho presents ‘Objects of Desire’

The exhibition, by artist Sophie Teh, consists of two suspended, rotating painted fabric sculptures.

The Smallest Gallery in Soho is a short walk from Chinatown where restaurants customarily display food in windows, hung on hooks to advertise their freshness. Teh uses this as a starting point, employing the sausage, a traditional Chinese fast food, but itself a visually suggestive form. She draws analogies between the conspicuously suggestive form and painted motifs with issues of fetishism and objectification of the Asian female. The work invites onlookers to re-examine cultural perceptions due to social conditioning.

During the day, the display attracts our gaze by its vibrant colours against a backdrop of well illuminated bright white box. At first glance visually appealing and playful, once examined in more detail, the colourful images present us with an opportunity for a further thought.

At night, the white box is filled with a transformative red light, further emphasizing the duality of the ‘Objects of Desire’ meaning. Daytime vibrant colours are now somewhat blurred, washed out. Precisely aimed miniature spotlights, with highly controlled beams of light, reveal the painted images occasionally, as the sculptures continue to slowly revolve around themselves.

Up until February 2022 at 62 Dean Street, London W1D 4QF!