The Smallest Gallery in Soho presents ‘(K)now’

The latest installation titled ‘(K)now’ is by San Francisco based artist Strider Patton. Showing a room divided. One side sterile white, the other side, a blast of colour, shapes, patterns and energy. Patton’s purpose of this installation is to give the observer a moment of pause to contemplate that ‘the other’ is not so different from themselves. In doing so he hopes this work may offer the gift of remembering our shared humanity.

The lighting supports the message of the artwork by contrasting a cool white illumination to the white room half with a warm white illumination to the colourful half, whilst accent lighting the white chair by a cool beam of light and the colourful chair by a warm white spot. The warmth of the oranges and yellows is nevertheless overpowering the space, reflecting an orange tone back onto the white walls and unifying the space despite its seemingly opposed halves.

Up until April 2019 at 62 Dean Street, London, W1D 4QF!