Croydon Streetscape Competition

We have recently entered the Croydon Streetscape competition as part of the team headed by Studio Ageli, an architectural practice based in London. The competition was initiated by Croydon Council and Architectural Journal with the brief to design an interactive streetscape of the future.

Our proposal aims at a simple, light approach to streetscaping rather than the addition of yet more types of street furniture, surface treatment or changing of the built environment through urban planning.

The primary driver is to create a number of pavilions along the route to be used by the public. These can be private inner worlds or places that are visible from afar and attract many people. The idea of the pavilion is that it has a distinct and clear atmosphere or character.

Each pavilion will be connected to Croydon and chosen by the public. Our proposal for 3 pavilions along the competition route is illustrative but also indicative of the possibilities, variety and playfulness of the idea. The 3 pavilions are: Play (skate park), Represent (gallery and stage), Sanctuary (garden).

For full submission, see here.