Amsterdam Light Festival Edition 7 (2018-19)

We have teamed up with Alkestie Skarlatou to enter a competition for the exhibition revolving around the theme ‘The Medium is the Message’, the famous statement by the Canadian scientist Marshall McLuhan.

The role of light in conveying a message and the city of Amsterdam as a medium for telling stories were central to the Edition 7 of Amsterdam Light Festival. The idea behind McLuhan’s statement was simple: the medium with which we send a message is at least as important as the message itself. What role does light play as a medium or as a message?

Our response was ‘Point of View’, a stage inspired art installation where space and light are used as a medium to convey a message that perception can be altered significantly by skilful manipulation of the media. At the same time, it suggests that changing the standing point of an individual or a group of people can dramatically change the viewer’s perspective.

The artwork illustrates the messages literally by leading the visitor though stages of physical experience. When viewer’s experience changes in what they see, the change can also be considered mentally.

For full submission, see here.